Декартова лисичка
Всеми любимый silentwalrus выкладывает новый фик - Ain't really quaint, очень рекомендую.
В планах там старбакс, а пока дикий Солдат и Стив, скрывающийся на ферме. И еще там есть такое:

Natasha calls as he’s getting in the truck. “How’s he doing?” she asks by way of greeting.

“Spectacular,” Steve says. “What’s he been telling you?”

“That you’re a deranged pervert who touches animals inappropriately and that you’re planning to drown him in a swamp.”

“Sounds about right,” Steve says, fastening his seatbelt.

“Let me guess. You milked the cow and want to take him fishing?”

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